Key Points:

  • After a concussion you may feel more tired due to your brain having to work harder.
  • Stress, poor sleep, resting too long, and feeling down or anxious, can also make you feel more tired.
  • You can try out different fatigue busters like getting good sleep, getting outside for a walk, staying hydrated, taking brain breaks, pacing, and being kind to yourself (it’s ok to take your time to do stuff or to put off a task)

Fatigue after a Concussion

It is very common to feel tired after a concussion. Your brain has less energy but every activity takes up a little more energy than it did before your concussion.

Your brain and your body need to rest more and ‘take it easy’ to heal.

After a concussion, it is recommended to rest for 2 to 3 days - this means limiting physical and thinking/remembering activities. This includes taking a break from your electronics. It is not recommended to rest in a dark room for a week because this can contribute to making your mood go down and to feeling deconditioned.

After 2 to 3 days of rest, you can gradually get back to regular activity (starting with non-strenuous), using your symptoms to guide you.

How to manage your fatigue using energy conservation strategies?

Energy conservation is how you can save mental, emotional and physical energy so that you feel better during the day.

You can conserve energy by using the ‘Four P’s’ - prioritize, plan, pace and position. Prioritize what needs to get done first, plan and organize your tasks, pace yourself and take breaks, and be aware of how you position your body while doing activities (e.g. standing takes more energy than sitting).

See Pacing for more information.

Add to My Recovery Plan 📒

Here are some common strategies that many teenagers find helpful. You can chose the one that you would like to add to your personalized Recovery Plan.

If Fatigue Persists

If you still feel very tired after 4 weeks, and this fatigue is getting in the way of learning at school, seeing your friend, and doing other activities, then ask to see your doctor.

They can help you figure out what is causing the fatigue to last so long and make recommendations.

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